Individual and Small Group Personal Training

Adaptive training for individuals of any and every ability seeking to:
-Become active and physically fit
-Continue physical activity after therapy
-Enhance strength and performance for adaptive sport


  • Professional assistance setting goals to improve fitness, function, and health
  • Receive individualized exercise prescription, guidance, and support
  • Learn how to safely and independently utilize exercise equipment to pursue future exercise beyond personal/small group training

Logistical Solutions to common barriers

Bakke Athletics is dedicated to helping clients find solutions to overcome potential barriers such as finances and transportation.

Interested in Adaptive Fitness?

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Statement from Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer Austin Schyvinck

My mother’s diagnosis of MS, experience as a respite care provider, and volunteer involvement with the UW Adapted Fitness Program and Dairyland Sports Corporation exposed me to the lack of opportunities that exist for individuals with disabilities to be physically active.

This lack of opportunity coupled with the well-established benefits of being physically active have led to my career goal: To provide adaptive training services for individuals of all abilities to increase access, participation, and adherence to physical activity.

As a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, I have the working knowledge to assess, develop, and implement individualized exercise programming for persons with disabilities and empower them to achieve fitness goals that previously seemed beyond their abilities.


  • Only ACSM/NCHPAD Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer in the Greater Madison Area (1 of 5 in WI)
  • B.S. Kinesiology: Exercise and Movement Science (UW-Madison)
  • Certificate in Promoting Activity for Diverse Abilities (UW-Madison)
  • Basic Life Support/First Aid Certified (American Red Cross)