“So what should I do to lose 15 pounds?”

We hear this question from many new clients and we’re still looking for a ‘magic’ answer. Maybe this is the curse of all personal trainers. How we answer this question will no doubt influence our client’s mindset and set the tone for our time together.

We like to educate our clients by telling them the truth about weight loss and the combined effects of nutrition and diet on their ultimate success.



“Fitness is a journey and not a destination.” Learning to make the right choices in your diet and workouts will become a lifestyle that never ends. The first step is building habits based on goals that will help to gauge your adherence to the plan. Goals like:

1)    Lose excess weight

2)    Tone your body

3)    Raise your overall metabolism

4)    Adopt these habits as part of your lifestyle



There are four aspects to achieving and maintaining a healthy, fit body.



What you eat matters. As much as 80% of weight loss success hinges on making good decisions with meals. A healthy diet needs to be well rounded with the proper amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

As part of our Hybrid Health Plan we offer diet and nutrition tips that help you form healthy eating habits. We also offer a meal plan service through our in-house commissary called Fit Fresh Cuisine where you can order well-portioned, balanced meals.


Cardio Training 

Working out your heart and burning calories by moving your body. Some examples include walking, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and all things that make you sweat.

The major benefits of a cardio training regimen are calorie burning, conditioning, and disease prevention. It’s easy to develop a habit with cardio activities by just being active and getting your heart rate up. We offer Cardio equipment throughout the gym in Fitchburg that can get and keep you fit.


Resistance Training

Resistance training is using weights including free weights, weight machines, resistance bands, exercise balls, or sometimes your own body weight to work out your muscles with resistance.

Weight training doesn’t have to be all about building bulk. You can create muscle tone, add bone density, and increase metabolism. Resistance can make your body feel and look 10 years younger. Other benefits of resistance include:

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Balance and Coordination
  • Higher Self Esteem and Renewed Confidence
  • Feel Good Endorphins



The number one reason most people fail in achieving their weight loss and fitness goals is because they fail to adopt it as a lifestyle. This is where accountability and motivation are most useful.

Whether you try it yourself, or work with one of our professional fitness trainers, you must apply the most up to date nutrition, cardiovascular training, and resistance training information available to you. Further, if you work with a fitness trainer you can be 100% confident that your weight loss and fitness program is specifically created to give you maximum results in minimum time.



Our personal fitness trainers at Hybrid Athletic Club are committed to giving you the edge and engagement you need to meet your goals. Our group classes and our group fitness plan called Hybrid Health Plan for weight loss can give you that external drive to for success.

If you are ready to commit to making a change in your life and focus on the weight you’ve been intending to use, please consider our 12-Week Hybrid Health Plan. We are a 3-time winner for NBC15’s “Madison’s Biggest Loser” and we would love to help you.


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