Top 10 Reasons to Join a Group Fitness Class

Are you noticing a more diverse group of participants in group fitness classes lately? A recent study found more men and a wider range of women are participating in group fitness classes. The variety of training techniques, environments, and challenging workouts are on the rise, making group fitness more popular and beneficial than ever before. We all know that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, but the social aspects of group training are beginning to get notice as well.



1. Save Time: No need to watch the clock. The pace of group fitness classes makes the time fun and the energy level of the instructor makes you forget you’re working hard. Looking at the clock or the time on your exercise or cardio machine is a thing of the past.

2. Saving Money: Personal training, which we love at Hybrid Fitness, can be roughly three times the cost of a group fitness class. The benefits you gain with a workout also save you money on health care, as people who workout are far less likely to get sick and also recover from illness and injury quicker than non-exercisers.

3. Social: Group fitness is a great way to meet like-minded and like-motivated individuals. You’ll find you share common goals and interest which can be a great motivator to work hard in class and create accountability for coming back week after week.

4. Set the Tone: Group fitness is no longer limited to big-box health clubs or specialty gyms (“Full-Service Gyms Feel Flabby” from The New York Times). Fitness gyms, like Hybrid Fitness, specialize in personalized and detailed attention. It’s why our team of trainers are continually the highest-rated in Madison, WI.

5. MOTIVATION: Having someone setting the expectations and encouraging you to take your fitness to the next level might be the motivation you need. The instructor sets the tone, while having others in class offers another level of motivation through a tiny bit of competition and camaraderie.

6. Challenge: Challenge yourself to work harder. You want to keep pace and studies have proven that working out with a group results in a bigger calorie burn.

7. Breaking up the Monotony: Is there anything you can’t do with group fitness? Pilates, yoga, bootcamps, spinning, boxing, circuits, TRX, running clubs and hiking groups. Whatever your flavor or need, chances are you can find a class or encourages someone to start one. Or try a class that combines cardio and strength training, such as an indoor cycling class combined with TRX or yoga.


8. Learn Something New: A good class and a great instructor will show you how to work your body and muscles properly. Trying something different challenges both your mind and body, two things that ward off the effects of aging.

9. Safety: When beginning a new or different fitness routine, feeling safe and being safe are key. We are especially mindful of alignment and safety, no matter what you’re doing. Instructors will be able to help explain and model what you’re doing, how to do it, and what you should be feeling. Never hesitate to ask questions or as for alternative exercises if you need additional assistance.

10. Join the Group or Go Your Own Way: An experienced group fitness instructor will offer modifications that allow for different fitness levels among the participants. Most classes will offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise options. Make sure to come at least 5 minutes early when you’re taking a new class and introduce yourself to the instructor. Developing a relationship with your instructor is key to finding the workout that will challenge you in a safe manner.

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