A New Body, A New Life: Our 12-Week Health Fitness and Weight Loss Plan

An Introduction To Our Hybrid Health Plan

Most Americans fight through a roller coaster cycle of weight loss and weight gain through various weight loss programs in the marketplace. Unfortunately, most of these programs aren’t designed for long-term success. At Hybrid Athletic Club we recognize that our 12-week Hybrid Health Plan is just the start to your new life. We give you the tools to support a healthy lifestyle and maintain permanent weight loss success.

The contributing factor impeding long-term success in weight loss programs is inadequate preparation for participants after program completion.

Here’s what you should look for in a weight loss fitness program and why our program is successful at changing lives.


Set Yourself Up for Success

In order to achieve success, you first need to create a goal. As a hockey fan growing up in the 1980’s, Wayne Gretzky captured the brightest spotlight. His goal (besides literally putting the puck in the goal) was to be the greatest player to ever played the game. But just like with other Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) discussions, there is no one that has even come close to being so prolific and dominant in their athletic profession.

If Gretzky had started out thinking, “I should get better at scoring goals” he would likely have struggled in the same way as people that say, “I need to lost some weight” or “I should exercise more often.” Instead, he’s the GOAT. What can we learn from him?

In order to find success, you need to create measurability and accountability guidelines. We do that with our specialized personal fitness plan called Hybrid Health Plan. We combine a philosophy of healthy living with personal fitness training for twelve weeks.


57 lbs

The numbers are staggering – the average participant in our program loses 57 pounds


The Hybrid Solution

We work with you to devise a plan that combines dietitian created menu items with a 5 day/week workout regimen. Your program will be run with a group with similar interests and you’ll be working toward individual fitness goals and group workout goals.

Here are the main details of our HHP program:

  • 12 Week Program
  • 5-Day per Week Workouts
  • 5-7 People per Hybrid Health Plan Group
  • One Dedicated Trainer per Group
  • No Membership Required
  • Weekly Weigh-ins
  • Weekly Dietary Consultations
  • Dietary Recommendations and Menu Items

Our Hybrid Health Plan has helped reinvent hundreds of people in the Madison. Start doing something about your health today. We are here to help!


About Us

Hybrid Athletic Club is a full-service athletic gym with expertise in personal training, group fitness, and individual workout programs. We are located just south of Hwy PD in Fitchburg, WI. You can find out more about our programs or feel free to take a look at our upcoming calendar online atwww.hybridfitness.org. We also have a connected commissary and meal plan service call Fit Fresh Cuisine that can help with diet consulting and prepared meal options for weight loss and healthy lifestyle kickoffs. Find out more at www.fitfreshcuisine.com.

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