Bakke Athletics leverages their wide range of talented personal trainers and expertly designed training programs to provide goal driven solutions to small groups of individuals who wish to train together. The programs allow flexibility to not only strive towards unique goals, but also accommodates groups from 2-10 people at various times of the day and for various lengths of time. Come together as a group, or ask us about current and upcoming groups that you could join. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with small group training:

  1. More Personal Attention – While group classes offers many benefits, the trainers are not always able to see and correct each individual class member.
  2. Greater Focus – There’s no time to let your mind wander with a trainer keeping tight programming and guiding you along the way.
  3. More Economical – One-on-one personal training provides the most personal attention and greatest opportunity to succeed, however, some may find that small group training fits their budget better and still gives them the attention they need.
  4. Camaraderie, Motivation, Support, & Adherence – Working out with others can enhance your experience, push you a little harder, give encouragement, and help keep you accountable.
  5. Fun – Yes, fun. The right exercise program done with friends and family can definitely be fun….especially with Bakke Athletic trainers!
  6. Results – When you stick with a well constructed program, you will get the results.

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