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Molly’s Story

Hi my name is Molly and I joined Hybrid Fitness and their the Hybrid Health Plan in January 2012 and in the 11 months that I have been here I have lost about 160 lbs. When I first started here my goal was to get in shape, to kind of regain my life. What I didn’t expect is that my life would be so much more amazing now because of everyone here at Hybrid.

The trainers staff here a Hybrid Fitness and Fit Fresh are absolutely amazing. I’ve never met a group of people that are so caring and knowledge and want for me to succeed with ever I’m doing. they have been so supportive in helping me to achieve my goals and getting me where I am today my life is absolutely amazing.

Chad’s Story

I took part in the the Hybrid Health Plan 2 years ago and I lost 115 lbs or 34% of my body weight 12 weeks. Through the program I learned a lot about who am I as a person and what I can achieve and I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle. After losing that weight I was then featured in the Men’s Health 2012 issue as part of the belly off club . After that I went on to get my ACE certification and now I am a trainer at Hybrid Fitness, trying to pay back the rewards given to me through the the Hybrid Health Plan.

Things that have changed in my life since participating in the program. I know how to eat properly, I know how to watch what I eat and about portion control. I count my calories almost religiously in my head now and I truly enjoy working out. It has become a habit, it has become a lifestyle change and I recommend this program to anybody who is interested in taking weight loss seriously.

Rick’s Story

After suffering with a back problem for several years, I decided to have surgery this past December. My physical therapy lasted into early March; by that point I had gained a lot of weight and had not exercised for years. I enrolled into the Fit Fresh 12 week meal plan and joined the Hybrid Health Plan with a personal trainer. The food from Fit Fresh was essential to my weight loss. It was Terrific!! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, five days a week, I didn’t have to worry about cooking or shopping. Just pick up the food and follow the program. It was perfect for someone on a busy schedule. After the first 12 weeks I had lost 70 pounds. In the next 12 weeks I lost another 32 pounds. My eating habits improved, as did my overall health. I’m very thankful to have found this program and I would recommend it to anyone serious about making a healthy change to their Life!

Sway and James’ Story

I promised myself that I did not want to end up going into into my 40’s and be extra heavy. So I convinced my dad who did the program with me to come here and see what we could do and try it out. I think for the first 2 weeks I created some tension in my family cause my dad could not understand why we were working so hard to get this done. But as it turned out, all the scary feelings left all the anxiety about being able to do the exercises and all that completely went away. But on the other side of it my dad and I lost 132 lbs together and it is something that now from an athletic standpoint my dad and I still do. All these exercises and things together and still do classes together and absolutely enjoy being able to be more athletic and also do some 5ks and things like that.

Steve’s Story

I’ve been a very satisfied member of Hybrid Athletic Club for six years and counting. I’ve worked with Ryan, and several of his trainers. I’m an older member, and the improvement in my strength and flexibility has been a revelation to me (and to my grandchildren!).

When needed, Ryan and his team have successfully addressed my knee, foot and shoulder problems. They fit the workout to my needs; they know how to challenge me without exceeding my limits. Over the years I’ve seen the trainers at work with clients at all age, fitness and ability levels; they will design a program that works for you.

The trainers and staff are not only professional and proficient, but they are also personable — I always look forward to my trips to Hybrid. I leave a little tired, but also energized and looking forward to the next visit.