Gary GulsethTrainer


    • ISSA Certified



    • Weight loss
    • Mobility and movement
    • Building lean muscle


    Gary has an extensive background in sports. He played college football for 3 years, wrestled professionally for 7 years, and currently competes in powerlifing competitions as a world champion.

    He has 30 plus years of experience and knowledge that he uses when programming for athletes of all ages and experience levels.  Most recently, in addition to coaching competitive strength athletes, Gary has increasingly spent more time working with adults who want to gain mobility, improve strength, and lose body fat.  Gary has an incredible way of distilling complex training concepts into an easy to understand and easy to follow training program that delivers great results.   He understands your unique challenges and works with them, not against them.

    Gary’s accolades include:

    World champion in bench press 220 weight class.
    2 time Push/Pull (bench, deadlift) World champion.
    2 time National champion in Bench press.
    World record holder in the 47-53 age group Push/Pull 220 weight class.
    First Wisconsin WABDL athlete to bench press over 600 pounds in 2008.